Who We Are


Jon Warlick Media is actually a husband and wife team (surprising, given the name), and is the brainchild of the company's namesake: Jon Warlick. He has always had a creative mind even at a young age. He has dabbled music ever since he got his 'pinano' when he was four and continues to make songs and beats to this day. He also had a knack for taking photos since he was 12 but he didn't get his professional camera until 2013. Jon loved taking landscape and night photos until somebody encouraged him to start shooting people which eventually led to wedding photography, thus the birth of Jon Warlick Media.  

Zara is his gorgeous wife (can you tell who wrote this section?) who performs slave labor for this media company (which she loves) and who helped him film his first wedding video. She mainly assisted him with the grunt work, gave him suggestions and reminded (whined to) him when it's time to eat. Given their limited tools when it came to video production but armed with their creativity and passion, it was a success! Jon & Zara had so much fun making the video and making the first couple very happy that they decided this can be something they can do together. They invested in more equipment and time researching about film-making and it turned into their baby. That is how Jon Warlick Media came to be! 

We shoot people, and we love it. There, we said it.